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Monday, April 2, 2018



Lift Him Up


  1. Christ the Lord is Risen 336
  2. We Shall See the King
  3. Soon and Very Soon
  4. Wait'll you see my brand new home
  5. What a Day that will Be
  6. Jesus Will Outshine Them All


Jesus Loves Me


High Tower

Gettin Ready Today
In the Great Triumphant Morning- h137, 4/4 4b
I'll Fly Away
When We all Get to Heaven- w78/h173 4/4, 5b(c in w)
The City Where the Lamb is the Light- h222, 4/4 2b
Amazing Grace- hymnal 272, 3/4 1#


He's Got the Whole World


Let's Just Praise the Lord
  1. Are You Washed in the Blood h194
  2. Tell it to Jesus h196
  3. A Brand New Touch
  4. Cause Me to Come 
  5. Fill My Cup Lord
  6. It's Beginning to Rain
This Little Light of Mine